Kitesurfing in Ukraine Koblevo 2023 !   



2.9.2023 00:00
Training and rental of Wing Foil Ukraine!
 Kitesurfing and windsurfing are two popular extreme sports that combine elements of surfing and sailing.
обучение wing foil Украина


5.3.2023 00:00
KItesurfing captured on DJI FPV  Wind in Autumn is quite powerfull and heavy. It gives you a good chance to train all kind of loops. One of this days is captured on DJI FPV.
25.9.2021 00:00
How to save sunglasses LIP  В этой статье речь пойдет о том, как правильно ухаживать за солнцезащитными очками LIP!

купить очки LIP
4.8.2021 00:00
Kite season 2021 starts!   What a May! Kite season in Ukraine starts with a perfect wind! During this time, our team has already got 10 new kiters riding on the kite board, 4 of which are girls!
18.5.2021 00:00
kitesurfing egypt Sharm-el-Sheikh of march 2021
Kitesurfing in Egypt Sharm-el-Sheikh 2021!

 kite lessons
4.4.2021 00:00
Summer kite season in Ukraine 2021!   

Warm and sunny greetings from Kirillovka to all of our friends!
We received a lot of calls and questions about start of summer kite season. You were asking about when we would open a kite school. This year our long-term and unchanging tradition of opening summer kite season at 1st of May was delayed! But despite a small false start due to quarantine events, we are opened kite season! Our kite school begun its work on May 15!
3.4.2021 00:00

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