Kitesurfing lessons in Ukraine!

On this page you will find the answers for all questions you may ask!

Who we are?

Our kiteschool  represents a new generation school. We are a team of professional riders totally in love with the sport and always pushing the limits of kitesurfing.

In spite of the fact that we teach kitesurfing according to IKO standards,  everytime we try to  add something new and improve methods of teaching to make kite lessons the most safe, easy and comfortable for you.

We are pleased to offer:

Full beginners course;

Advanced lessons;

Kite clinics;

Lesson by the hour;



Equipment rental;



When and where we work?

Our location


Our kiteschool is located in Ukraine AZOV SEA

Kirillovka !

We teach kiteboarding here all day every day from the beginning of May till the end of September.


What is the temperature during the season?



Spring comes early. Temperature of the air and water rises fast.

Average temperature of the air in May is +18 +20 C,

Avarege temperature of the water in Lake is +17 C



Average temperature of the air is +24

The hottest month is August. In August temperature may rise up to +35 C

In Summer temperature doesn’t drop lower than +20 C



In September we haveperfect conditions with average temperature of the air +25 C

Water stays warm till the beginning of October.




Close to the  kitespot you will find a huge variety of hotels. The average prize is 15 dollars per night. Double with shower.

You can find cheap and expensive hotels. Everything depends of your preferences and budget.


The prices vary of season. Prices start rising in July. Peak is in August.  In September it’s cheap again.


Should I book a kitecourse beforehand?


Yes, it’s better  to book one of the  kitecourses beforehand if you want to start your lessons in time without waiting, and other inconveniences.  You can book a course in our kiteschool by using this


After you book a course, you will get a letter from us with confirmation of your booking.


 What courses does our kiteschool offer? What skills will I get? How much does it cost?

 Courses that we pleased to offer:

- Full beginners course;

-Advanced course;

-Lesson by the hour;



Full Beginners Course


What practical and theoretical skills will I get during this course?

Theoretical skills


-Theory about the wind


-Wind effects

-Safe wind directions for kitesurfing




-Unseen obstacles and obstractions under thewater

Area assesement

Risk assesement


Equipment for kitesurfing:

-Kite types

-Board types

-How to choose the right equipment

-Safety systems



Kitesurfing etiquette,  right of way rules


Practical skills


Kite setup

Kite setting

Preflight check

Kite pack away


Confident Kite flying at the edge of the Windwindow:

-Launching and landing;

-Piloting kite around at the Window edge;

-Kite power control;

-Water re-launch;



Confident kite flying in the Power Zone:

 -Down wind body-dragging;

-Cross wind body-dragging;

-Upwind body-dragging;


Self rescue and deep water pack down

Water start

Water start technique in varies wind conditions:

-In light wind;

-In moderate wind;

-In strong wind;



Consistent riding in both directions with speed control, edging the board and controlled stop by edging


Theory of upwind riding



Defining of the priorities and directions for further progress

After finishing this course you will get an IKO certificate, according to the level of your riding.

Additional information

Duration of the course is 15 hours, 5 days (3 hours each day). This course is carried out as a private (1 student= 1 instructor)

All the equipment is provided in the lessons and its rental is included in the price of a courses (kites, boards, harnesses, helmets, impact vests, wetsuits)  The only items that we do not provide are water shoes. If you have them bring them with you if not we sell them in the shop.



Price of the Beginners Course: 400 dollars



Advanced course



Duration: 4 days

1 day

We define your level,  discuss desired results and make special complex of exercises for the next days.

2 day

Execution of special elements and exercises, video filming, mistakes correction by video captured during the day.

3 day

Execution of special elements and exercises, video filming, mistakes correction by video captured during the day.

4 day

Training of desired trick, video filming, mistakes correction by video captured during the day.


After finishing this course you get disk with edited video of your course.


Advanced course price : 300 dollars



By the hour lesson

Also we offer by the hour lesson. You will pay for each hour we will teach you.

Each hour of the lesson cost 50 dollars



Will I get any certificate after accomplishing one of the courses?

We teach kitesurfing according to IKO standards. Instructors in our kiteschool are IKO certified.

After finishing one of the courses in our kiteschool you will get an IKO certificate according to your level.

Any discounts for students?

All students of our kiteschool  get from 10 to 20 % discount in our kite shop or for any further courses in our kiteschool.



Additional items recommended for lessons?

Additional items recommended for lessons are sunglasses with a band, sunscreen, drinking water, towel.


Equipment rental

If you don’t need a course, you are independent rider or you just finished Beginners course in our kiteschool, we are pleased to offer you kite rental.

Price: 50 dollars per day (Kite, board, harness,). If you need a wetsuit it will cost extra 10 dollars


Kite repair

We Hope this is a service that you won’t need! But if you do we have everything. We try & offer a 24 hr repair service.


What equipment do we use in the kiteschool?

We use F-One and Cabrinha kites in our school.Every year we renew our equipment.

We use NOBILE,Slingshot, and F-One boards.




You can buy such brands in our kiteshop : F-One, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Mystic, Dakine. 10 % discounts for our students. Go to the Kiteshop



Contact us:
tel.: +38097 922 95 57
  +38066 793 54 87